Dear Mr. Trainor,

Your recent opinion piece in Wednesday Journal titled “Who are the real Pro-lifers?” [Viewpoints, April 13] was highly offensive to the well-intentioned volunteers who work to benefit both women who face crisis pregnancies, and the children they carry. Your main argument seems to be that the term “pro-life” is not accurate for those of us who oppose abortion, because if we were really pro-life, all of our focus, time, money and energy would be put into environmental issues.

Is this really just a matter of semantics? Pro-life was a term coined by those who were horrified by the Supreme Court’s decisions of Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton. It reflects the movement’s opposition not only to killing unborn children, but also to euthanizing the old or the infirm. This movement has gained momentum over generations due to the efforts of those who believe in the sanctity of life — yes, even inside the womb. Just like with other causes, many who consider themselves pro-life feel a spiritual connection or call to action; frequently there are abortions, adoptions or crisis pregnancies in their own pasts.

The pro-life movement has changed drastically in recent years and has moved away from picketing and protesting to prayer and education with the goal of changing people’s hearts and minds into recognizing the value of human life. Here at Ascension, our group’s focus ranges from baby item drives, educational seminars about respecting all life — especially those with disabilities — and raising funds to help women experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Every year in the United States, roughly one million babies are aborted. This is a staggering number that cannot be ignored. But even one abortion would be one too many.

Please feel free to attend our next meeting and find out what the Ascension Respect Life Committee is doing to support babies and their mothers.

The Ascension Respect Life Committee

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