Ken Trainor outlines all that a person must do and be to be a true “pro-lifer,” and goes on to state, “Welcome to our ranks. We need all the help we can get — to promote respect for life and resist the culture of death” [Who are the real pro-lifers? Viewpoints, April 13].

The mission statement about how the integrity of “Viewpoints” is maintained says, “When a letter or essay includes information presented as fact, if we cannot confirm a detail, we may not print the letter or essay.” I challenge the statement “I am disheartened to discover that in most cases they vote against most or all of the positions mentioned above.” Did the statement “most cases” meet the fact condition to be printed?

I contend that we are all children of Mother Earth and are equally devoted to her well-being, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if pro-choice would join in to love and protect the unborn?

Like the horror of capital punishment and the possibility of executing the innocent, there is the horror of abortion that summarily executes the innocent, and the double indemnity that among them may be the human life with answers to hunger, famine and the dreaded global warming.

Bill McNichols
Oak Park

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