Oak Parker Jean Guarino emailed us Wednesday with a question no one seemed able to answer – what’s with all the silver ribbons popping up on trees?

“They are on every other tree and just yesterday someone put three bows on our parkway tree and our neighbors’,” Guarino wrote this morning. “There is no signage and no way of telling what they’re supposed to signify.”

Well, the ribbons are actually being put up by the Celebrating Seniors Coalition, to help commemorate Celebrating Seniors Week, May 6-13. Desiree Scully, secretary for the coalition, says she was out last night tying the ribbons around trees, and about five cars stopped and 12 people came out of their houses to ask about the decorations.

She admits that the ribbons are ambiguous, but hopes that, gradually, people will know what they signify.

“I’ve heard some people say they’re pretty, but they don’t know what they’re for,” Scully said. “But we’re trying to get the word out.”

The ribbons are made from repurposed holiday decorations that were hanging up in downtown Oak Park last winter. After Celebrating Seniors Week, Scully says they’ll be reused to decorate the Oak Park Arts District for “What’s Blooming on Harrison Street.”

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