In anticipation of Earth Day, this Friday’s Fabulous Find(s) will focus on all things green. Take a peak at the beautiful bevy of eco-friendly finds our independent retailers have to offer.

Earth Day is a reminder to appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts, become aware of environmental issues, and to take action. It’s a national effort to reduce our carbon footprint and galvanize us to action!

Small actions make a big difference. Take a stroll over to the local farmer’s market or plant your own organic garden, choose to bike today or invest in a reusable shopping bag.

Our local merchants demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability via responsible buying that brings green merchandise to our fingertips.

Today and in the days leading up to Earth Day, the Shopping Blog will focus on all that is nature friendly. As usual, every Monday of each week we bring you an environmentally friendly product or shop found here in town.

Take a peak at the bounty of eco-friendly home goods from neighborhood boutiques in the photo gallery.

For prices and store hours visit:

Jeanine Guncheon Gallery Etc. 708.366.6323

Edit Home 847.363.0096

I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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