Photo by Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, 2010

Prairie School Adventures is a series of fun, interactive, high-quality educational summer camps for children in Grades 2 – 6 taking place at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple. The caliber of programs offered makes it difficult to select just one – so consider enrolling your child in both.

* Imagine laying on your back at Unity Temple, gazing upward into beautiful art glass for inspiration.

* Sketching designs and mixing inks, using an actual printing press to create one-of-a-kind works of art with Chicago artist and printmaker, David Jansheski 

 * Exploring other prominent Oak Park landmarks such as Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio and Pleasant Home.

* Showcasing your portfolio for families and friends at a group exhibition.

Jessamyn Miller, Director of Programs at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, encourages parents to expose their children to a variety of summer experiences, “Prairie School Adventures is a special and unique opportunity for your children to really work and be inspired in a Frank Lloyd Wright space. They’ll be influenced by the beauty of their surroundings, learn to see the world differently and create art in a unique environment.” 

To register online click here or contact Jessamyn Miller at 708.383.8873 or Receive a $5 family discount for each sibling and/or relative registered.

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