Hats off to state Sen. Don Harmon for distributing the union solidarity signs that have been popping up in yards all over the village. It is refreshing to see a politician going beyond the usual vote-for-me signs to address an issue of great importance.

Considering what has been happening in Wisconsin, it is clear to me that there is a ruling class, and they have shown their hand. They want greater control of our economy and government and will destroy anything that stands in their way.

Who can stop this? Answer: look at those institutions being targeted. It is only unions, the organizations of working people themselves, that have the power to save us from the ferocious onslaught. It is unions that gave us the eight-hour day, the prohibition of child labor, the weekend, safer working conditions and so much more. Our present-day needs cannot just be handed to us by our politicians. We must all support unions, support our right to freedom of assembly, to turn back the forces against ordinary people.

And keep those signs in our yards. Plant geraniums around them!

Patrick Dooley
Oak Park

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