Okay, maybe the headline today is a wisecrack, but it is based somewhat in reality.  The past couple days have teased us with summertime temps, and I just know that many of you are itching to get out in the garden and tear things up.  

And I’m here to help!

Pruning – at least proper pruning – is becoming a dying art.  I won’t point fingers, and I won’t bore with why it so, you’ll just have to trust me on this one. And I’m not going to curse the darkness, I’m going to light a candle with this dandy little guide from Purdue University.

The 12 pages here will provide a fine foundation in how to do it right.  Throw away those electric hedge shears – and invest in a decent pair of pruners.  I have done my part but I can’t make you print out and read those 12 pages.  But you really should.   

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