Despite indications that it might be a quiet April election in River Forest, village officials said that it’s important for residents to come out and cast their votes.

There are only two contested elections for River Forest residents to consider; for village library board and for the District 200 high school board of education.

“I’m assuming there will be several people still interested in the campaign for District 200, which is a contested election, and there are two River Forest residents running for the District 200 board,” said Village President John Rigas, himself a former high school board member.

It’s not only Oak Park that should think about the high school board of education. “That’s an issue for our community also,” Rigas said.

Village Administrator Eric Palm said he believes that upcoming elections will be on the quiet side, considering that in the past, his understanding is that similar elections have been “typically less attended” than those with higher-profile races on the ballot.

“I think history will tell you that those elections” have smaller turnouts, Palm said. But he added that since it’s his first election since being appointed village administrator, he can’t say for sure, and will just have to wait until Election Day to see whether that remains true this year.

In the 2009 elections, a total of 2,763 ballots were cast, some 36 percent of the 7,667 voters registered in River Forest. In that election, Rigas was up for election as village president.

In 2007, where the only contested race was for a park district commissioner, only 950 ballots were cast, or roughly 13 percent of 7,232 registered voters. In 2005, the contested election for a new village president brought out 1,790 voters, some 24 percent of the 7,459 registered voters.

But this year? It’s hard to say. “We’re hoping the turnout will be good, and that everyone represents, and comes out and votes,” Rigas said.

Ballots cast in past elections

2009 2,762 7,667
2007 950 7,232
2005 1,790 7,459

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