A female juvenile landed in the hospital and another juvenile was cited for possession of alcohol after an underage drinking party got out of hand earlier this month.

Oak Park police officers responded to a call at a residence on the 200 block of S. Lombard Ave. on March 5 to find a young woman who seemed to be unconscious, presumably from alcohol consumption. The juvenile was treated at a local hospital and has since been released.

Rumors about the party spread quickly in the community via Facebook and other social media. An early inquiry by Wednesday Journal about the event was rebuffed by the police department as the incident was cited as being “under investigation.”

At a forum last Monday about drug and alcohol use in the middle schools, a parent asked a police official about the Lombard drinking party. The official, Commander Keenan Williams, told the parents the department did not report drinking parties to the media. On further inquiry from the Journal, such events will now be routinely included in police reports made available to the media.

Deputy Chief Anthony Ambrose said on Friday that parents were present at the residence where “multiple underage males and females” gathered for the party. “There was some evidence of alcohol, beer, specifically, scattered about the area,” said Commander LaDon Reynolds. Ambrose said the parents knew about and allowed the party to occur, but were unaware of any alcohol use. “Kids ultimately came to the party and snuck the alcohol in. So it was without the knowledge of the parents and the parents certainly didn’t condone it,” he said. No adults were cited in relation to the incident.

Ambrose did not specify the ages of the individuals, and said the department is particularly careful about disclosing identifying information in cases dealing with juveniles. “Especially when we’re dealing with kids, we have to be careful on the identity. It was a medical emergency in which we responded,” he said.

Ambrose said the case is currently closed.

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