We wish to express our support and ask your support for John Phelan, a candidate for the Oak Park River Forest High School District 200 Board of Education.

One of the challenges that has been facing OPRF is to find methods to improve academic achievement for all students. The communities of Oak Park and River Forest have long supported the high school. Just look at your tax bill! The high school has done well in years past. However, the current achievement results have been disappointing to say the least, and we are not satisfied with our state ranking. We can and must do better.

We need school board members who will efficiently and effectively target areas of low performance, and return the high school to a college-ready institution for all students. We have known John and his family for 32 years. He is an outstanding, well-educated, involved member of the Oak Park and River Forest communities. He and his wife, Amy, have two children presently at the high school, and will have four more children attending the school in the future. John is also an OPRF graduate.

Do all of us a favor and put John Phelan on the District 200 school board.

Sheila and Phil Rock

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