I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the Citizens for Accountable Leadership candidates Ray Johnson, Adam Salzman and Bob Tucker for Oak Park village trustee. I know Ray, Adam and Bob very well, and they are bright, honest, professional and hard-working people who genuinely care about our village. They have impressive and relevant professional and volunteer experience that will serve Oak Park incredibly well if they are elected trustees.

I am thrilled that they are pushing for greater intergovernmental cooperation to help ease the tax burden on all Oak Parkers. Ray has proven himself as a highly involved and responsive public official, and I have no doubt that Bob and Adam will be engaged constantly with Oak Parkers, seeking feedback and ideas so that they can better understand and serve all Oak Parkers.

Knowing them as well as I do, I also know that they are genuinely committed to the ideals of diversity in all its forms that help make Oak Park the special community that it is. They will work hard to build on the important legacy of so many others who have come before them, and will lead by example while launching new community conversations focused on 21st century diversity.

Johnson, Salzman and Tucker: experienced leaders who will invite respectful, robust dialogue, focused on the most important issues facing our community. With your support, these three exceptional citizens will serve the community with distinction.

Ade Onayemi
Oak Park

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