I am voting no on the District 97 referendum and encourage all other Oak Park citizens to do the same thing for three reasons:

1. The district is already getting more tax dollars from us every year. So, we are already giving them more funds to work with.

2. The District 97 administration knew exactly how much money they had in their budget, and they still went ahead and spent more. That is mismanagement. What they are spending it on is what statistically looks like lavish pay raises, more staff than is required to get the job done and questionable options that we are being told are necessities. They don’t see it that way and that is the problem.

3. It is our duty to vote no on the referendum because it is the only way we have to express our unhappiness with the way things are being mismanaged. A yes vote rewards the administration for not doing their job properly. Property taxes are completely out of control and this vote is the only control we get.

Tom MacMillan
Oak Park

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