Julie MacCarthy, who was a candidate for the Park District of Oak Park Board of Commissioners in the upcoming election, announced her decision to withdraw from the race last week. But since the deadline for withdrawing has passed, MacCarthy’s name will remain on the ballot come Election Day.

“After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that, given my current commitments, I could not devote an adequate amount of time to fulfill the responsibilities of a commissioner,” wrote MacCarthy, in an e-mail to Gary Balling, executive director of the park district. “Consequently, I filed a Withdrawal of Candidacy with the Cook County Election Department.” The e-mail was dated Feb. 23.

A representative at the county office said MacCarthy was too late with her withdrawal, which was due by Jan. 27. “Our office usually extends that a little bit, depending on where we’re at with proofing the ballot,” said Courtney Greve, spokesperson for the Cook County Clerk Office.

Greve said the office stopped accepting withdrawals, and many ballots have already been printed.

“She will be on the ballot,” Greve said, adding that MacCarthy was notified of this fact via telephone after submitting her withdrawal. She also noted that if MacCarthy is elected to the park board in the April 5 elections, the election will stand. It would then be the candidate’s responsibility to resign.

Contacted about her decision to withdraw, MacCarthy declined to comment.

Thomas Finch, who is also running for the park board, said last week he doesn’t foresee much of a problem with MacCarthy’s late withdrawal. He expects that the media will get the word out that even though her name’s on the ballot, voters shouldn’t select MacCarthy’s name.

“I don’t think it changes anything,” he said.

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