Here’s one thing District 97 might not have to spend money on technology-wise if they’re April 5 referendum passes–online filtering software.

The ones they’re currently using came into play pretty effectively this week. Several students at Beye Elementary School were denied access to a web site whose URL was misspelled in a study guide concerning a research project they’ve been working on. The actual URL––is an Arizona-based, educational online newspaper for families. According to the site, its focus is to “promote reading and writing skills, as well as creativity.” And it appears to do just that.

 But a not-so tiny typo in the guide had a URL for an adult web site (no need to write that web site; folk can use their imaginations).

A letter to parents from the school Thursday informed them of the mistake, and also assured them that the site was blocked by the district’s filtering system. They were also alerted to be aware if their child accesses the wrong site at home in case they have no online filtering program.


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