Today, we’re featuring the very first foodie item for those aficionados of food and drink (or if like me, you are simply a chocolate aficionado): Aux Anysetiers du Roy French Chocolate Fondue!

Inside a unique stoneware tumbler, two wonderfully delicious worlds collide: a product of France (ooh la la, I love all things French!) and chocolatey goodness (oh, how I love chocolate!).

Heat up your night with some sensational chocolate fondue from one of my favorite local boutiques, the The Careful Peach Boutique (1024 North Boulevard).

From our friends at the Peach:

If you love chocolate, this fondue will rank at the top of any you’ve tasted! Available in two flavors: Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Praline. Dark chocolate contains 70% cacao for a luxuriously decadent dessert.

Compared with glass jars, the specialized stoneware tumbler keeps the chocolate warm and melted for a minimum of 45 minutes, so there’s no need to continuously reheat or use a fondue set. If you can’t finish it all at once, just snap the lid on and refrigerate until the next reheating. 

Simply remove the lid and microwave for 2-3 minutes or set in a hot water bath during your meal to enjoy when ready to serve dessert! 

Dip pieces of fresh fruit (banana, strawberries, pineapple, apple, grapes, cherries or melon), biscuits, croissant, brioche, baguette or dried fruits and nuts. (Or for an unparalleled experience, one can eat it with a spoon, like soup, as my six-year old nephew once did!)

Stop back next Friday for another fabulous find from our local shops or take a peek at last Friday’s fun find from Chameleon Clothing. I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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