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Downtown Oak Park reports that they have fully recovered from the snowstorm that blasted the area on Feb. 1 and Feb. 2.

For the past ten years, Downtown Oak Park has had a fixed price contract with

McAdam Landscaping for snow removal. The extraordinary quantity of snow required that DTOP contract for extra services – bringing snow removal costs to a total of $37,000 for the storm.

“We actually closed down the streets, and McAdam shoveled the snow off the walks, and pulled the snow out. It took a record 85 semi-truckloads to clear the streets!” said executive director, Pat Zubak.

“Even though it was a crazy expensive, it’s definitely worth it. Customers expect that we’ll be as clean Oakbrook or Brickyard. We can’t disappoint them or risk sending them to other shopping districts,” said Book Table co-owner, Jason Smith.

In the past few days, the unseasonably warm weather has made short work of the remaining snow, and the recent blizzard seems like a distant memory.

Pictures and the remaining snow pile at the corner of Forest and Lake are all the evidence that remain.

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