The Village of Oak Park kindly moved a lot of the snow that fell last week to empty lots at Forest and Lake, and Grove and Madison (and maybe to other locations in the village).

I think Wednesday Journal should sponsor a contest for readers to guess the date when the last of the snow will melt from these lots (or at least the lot at Forest and Lake). Offer a gift certificate to downtown Oak Park to the winner. Provide snow cones at the ceremony awarding the winner.

Also, is it too early to start calling the empty lot at Forest and Lake “Stankus Hole II”?

Paul Clark
Oak Park

Editor’s note: Wednesday Journal has taken Mr. Clark’s suggestion to heart and last week started “The Big Melt Contest.” Readers have the chance to win a $100 Downtown Oak Park gift card by guessing when the 15-foot-tall snow mountain at Forest and Lake will melt. Go to to make your prediction.

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