Ella Jenkins performs "I Know a City Called Okeechobee"

Ella Jenkins is a Chicago native, who sings in a call-and-response exchange, entertaining parents and children with her delightful music.  Interspersed throughout her songs are stories about her family and life, which provide context, meaning and rich connection with her audiences. Her TV appearances include Barney and Friends, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Sesame Street, NBC’s “The Today Show” and CNN’s “Showbiz Today.” 

Bring your family for an enjoyable afternoon at Wonder Works as Ella Jenkins teaches through play about cultural diversity and creativity.  (I’ve been listening to her new release, Ella Jenkins’ ‘A Life of Song,’ and she is wonderfully infectious!) 

Tickets are available for purchase by phone at 708.383.4815 or in person at Wonder Works Museum.  

Here’s what Rani Arbo, acclaimed folksinger and songwriter, has to say about Ella.  “Ella Jenkins is a consummate teacher, musician, storyteller and playmate, and she dissolves the boundaries between those roles like no one else can.  She makes the simplest music seem like more than enough, which in her hands it always is.  She’s a HUGE inspiration.” 

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