To the man in the Jeep who ran over my dog on Harrison:

Thank you! My 2-year-old dog, Buddy, got away from me Wednesday and ran into the street after another dog — right in front of your passing Jeep. Seeing him run directly in your path made my heart sink, and I am sure made you feel sick as well.

Somehow — through luck, divine intervention or your skill as a driver — your Jeep went right over the top of him, leaving him unscathed.

Thank you for stopping to see that he was all right. In my panic to see that he was fine, I didn’t take the time to say that then. I hope the event did not ruin your day.

Buddy is fine. If you are in the area again, please stop by so I can thank you in person and Buddy can share a treat with you. Thank you again for running over my dog!

Tim Magee
Oak Park

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