As you may know, only two people filed for election for the three open slots on the Oak Park Library Board of Trustees, for the term starting in 2011. After talking with several library trustees and the director, and much careful consideration, I have filed my declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate.

I very much care about our wonderful library system, its strengths and potential, and utilize its resources in many ways myself. I am in one of the little study rooms, every week, for my tutoring in the Literary Volunteers of America program; I borrow at least one book a month to read for my book club; I did much of my research for each of my recent publications in both the reference and special collections departments.

With increased utilization of electronic forms of accessing information, with more citizens looking to the library for entertainment as well as information, and with the library as the office for many people either self-employed or looking for a position, the demands on the facility and staff are substantial and evolving.

I hope to be able to contribute to developing the policies that will help handle these and other yet-undreamed of challenges.

Thus, I am asking you to support my candidacy by “writing” me in to your ballot on April 5. The process is as follows:

Voters can vote for a write-in candidate on a paper ballot or a touch screen.

On a paper ballot:

Write the name of the write-in candidate on the line provided in a particular race.

Mark the corresponding arrow.

In single-vote races, no other votes can be cast in a race where a write-in vote was cast. In multiple-vote races, a voter may cast one or more votes for write-in candidates, but is limited to the number of votes allowed in a given race.

On a touch screen:

Press the “write-in” box at the bottom of the list of candidates. A keyboard will appear.

Type a name using the letters on the keyboard and space key to separate the first and last name.

When finished, press “OK.”

Please contact me if you have any questions about either my candidacy or the process, via e-mail at or by phone at 708-848-1731.

David Sokol
Oak Park

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