I considered not writing about this because it could, to some, be in the “little things” category. However, I believe it’s in the little-things-mean- a-lot category.

I have been attending the Oak Park Plan Commission meetings regarding the proposed Comcast project. For the most part, I have very much appreciated the time put into this discussion and the structure of the meetings. Recently I was disappointed.

On Jan. 20, the plan commission heard testimony primarily from those “for” the project. Although the rule was five minutes per speaker, there was no timer used and speakers were only stopped when they were obviously significantly past the limit.

On Feb. 3, the plan commission heard testimony primarily from those “opposed” to the project. At this meeting a timer was used. When the timer went off the speakers were given the instruction to finish their thought and end regardless of whether all prepared comments had been delivered.

Deliberate or not, the commission is sending a message that it will hear all you have to say so far as you are supporting this Village of Oak Park-endorsed project.

Patricia O’Shea
Oak Park

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