Jackie Kennedy, cool, confident, and elegant.

This week’s Style Inspiration is Stephanie Foley of River Forest. Stephanie hails from Omaha, Nebraska and is currently studying Apparel Design and Apparel Merchandising, with a focus in Visual Merchandising, at Dominican University.

Stephanie’s look is one that I love: soft and easy, ready for work or play. Layered with interesting jewelry pieces and textured fabrics, Stephanie has constructed an urbane look from perfunctory pieces in shades of charcoal, chestnut, and ecru.

Influenced by the work of Anna Sui, the American fashion designer known for her kaleidoscopic collections, Stephanie loves to hunt for treasures at thrift shops to create looks that express her own unique point-of-view. Whether the look of the day is vibrant and colorful, or subtle and sophisticated, Stephanie has fun piecing together ensembles that reflect her fashion tenor.

As a college student, Stephanie shares her own sage advice about how to create inexpensive ensembles that are thoughtful and artful here at the Shopping Blog. 

Your fashion style: Feminine, vintage, and easy-sophistication.

Favorite fashion era: I am always drawn to the 1950’s with the accentuated waist and big skirts, but also simple shirt dresses. I also like that outfits were always put together.

Fashion inspiration: Although I don’t dress in as classic of a style, I love Jackie O and Grace Kelly. I think both women are examples of how your clothing represents you. I remember going to an exhibit on Jackie O’s clothing at the MET in New York when I was about eight years old and completely falling in love with everything there! They both make glamour look so effortless. (See photo gallery for images of Stephanie’s fashion influences.)

Favorite local shops: My favorite thrift shop is The Economy Shop in Oak Park. I also love The Brown Elephant and New to You. I also love Team Blonde [in Forest Park].

Greatest fashion indulgence: Anything compelling and beautiful!

The one item you think every woman should own: Something that flatters their body type. It is so important to dress for yourself, we should feel good in our clothes and not worry about fussing with it, which means we need to find the right fit. Also, a great pair of boots.

Visit the Shopping Blog next Friday for more fashion inspiration from friends and neighbors. If you know someone that has a great sense of style, send a line to Christina@oakpark.com. See you around town and in the shops!

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