Oak Park’s main and side streets are pretty much clear, curb to curb, according to Village Manager Tom Barwin. So now, crews hope to tackle the village’s 100 miles of alleys, and Barwin hopes that work can be done by noon Thursday.

The village has hired the help of Oak Park-based Mohr Concrete, and currently five front-end loaders are trolling through alleyways, making way for residents to exit their garages Thursday morning.

Village plows are too large to get into alleys, and pickup trucks weren’t quite powerful enough to tackle the work, Barwin said in a phone interview Wednesday night.

Altogether, Tuesday and Wednesday’s blizzard dropped about 20 inches of snow on Oak Park in less than 24 hours, ending at about 2 p.m. Wednesday, Barwin said. It took a crew of about 25 snowplows 12 hours to completely clean up the village’s 250 miles of streets.

“There’s certainly some mopping up that needs to be done,” Barwin said, later adding, “I’m a little biased, but all in all I think our team put together an amazing response.”

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