We’ve all heard that kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but that never bothered me; I was more interested in a roadmap or Garmin, how to get from point A (newborn) to point B (young adult).  As you can see I’m into simplicity and practicality, which is probably why I felt so relieved when I discovered the Option Institute’s parenting protocol:  love, guide, let go.  

I was grateful for those wise words because it helped me wrap my mind around the incredibly complex yet gratifying job of parenting. This straightforward approach provided me with clarity of purpose:  love my children, guide them as best I could and continue to let go.  I felt empowered, believing I could pull off this monumental undertaking and I did.  

Having the pleasure of parenting two great kids, I know how much love, guidance and letting go was required to raise them.  When my son and daughter were young, I felt the hardest part of parenting was guiding them because it required me to be conscious of my actions; was I role-modeling my values?  However, as my children transitioned into high school and college, my biggest challenge was letting go. 

In a blink of an eye, the guiding part of my career was over. In retrospect, it wasn’t always easy, but it was so rewarding.  Go figure! I had finally mastered guiding and now, it was time for the big let go as my kids went off to college.  I kept practicing; at times it seemed like letting go was the hardest thing to do, yet the results of loosening my grip on my perceived control were spectacular as my children flourished through their own setbacks and successes!

Looking back this parenting protocol served me well and looking forward, it continues to support me as I’m left with the sweetest part of parenting.  LOVE

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Melissa Ford

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