As a mother of three children in the District 90 schools, I, too, was struck by Superintendent Hagerman’s choice to leave for a more “progressive” school district [Ideas for River Forest schools, News, Jan. 12].

I would love an open dialogue among all stakeholders about District 90’s overemphasis on repeated standardized testing, grading, homework and data-driven matrices.

In fact, in connection with the recent screenings of “Race to Nowhere,” I proposed just that.

For now, District 90 does not agree — they don’t have time for more dialogue, they say. In my view, as I reported on (yet another) survey, we are raising future leaders not widgets. I am unaware of any job that requires one to take tests for a living.

Thanks for your challenge and reminder to us all, to constantly reach higher — our children deserve it. I opened a Facebook page entitled “River Forest Families Redefining Success” to jumpstart the dialogue.

Susan Lucci
River Forest

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