Parenting didn’t start out easy for me, I struggled.  Oh, I had good times too, when I made a great parenting call, creatively solved a problem or got through an entire day without a meltdown – my own.  During those proud, pinch-me moments, I wanted to contact everyone (Wednesday Journal, Oprah, assorted PTO parents) and spread the word about my successes.  

But, those good times didn’t just happen, they were the result of hard work on my part and much needed help along the way.  The latest how-to parenting books, inspiring, supportive workshops and advice from family, friends, and other professionals were my resources, providing me with renewed hope, fresh perspectives and effective strategies.  

I’d like to offer another resource – Parent Pundits, a bi-monthly blog bringing “pearls of wisdom” from parent experts in our communities.  I’ll be zig-zagging across our villages gathering wise words, tips, strategies and insights that will support you along your parenting journey.  

Where do you find support?  Who do you reach out to?  Direct me to your resources so I can gather their parenting pearls to help you along the way.  

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Melissa Ford

As a coach and blogger, it's my intention to support people to step into a bigger, more powerful version of themselves whether it's in their personal or professional life. LIfe is about living,...