While discussing the future of economic development in Oak Park on Monday, village officials brought up the idea of allowing straight-up bars here — no food, just booze.

Such establishments aren’t currently allowed, but Village Manager Tom Barwin and some trustees think that Oak Park should think twice about prohibiting pubs.

“Yes, yes, yes to a pub,” Trustee Ray Johnson said to a chorus of laughter. “I’ve been advocating for that for some time.”

“Across the street from village hall?” Barwin said.

“Across the street from my home maybe,” he responded.

Village President David Pope had an idea for a name: “We’ll call it Johnson’s Juice Joint,” he said to more laughs.

Oak Park officials also claim that they have heard interest in opening a microbrewery here, though no official proposals have been made.

Do you think there’s a place in Oak Park for a stand-alone saloon?  

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