Have you ever turned off your tv, computers, video games – all your screens for two weeks or even a day?  Now you’ll have the chance along with your friends, neighbors and other community members from April 3 – 17th to reduce screen use in your home and participate in screen-free activities in our tri-communities (Forest Park, River Forest, Oak Park).

Get involved NOW by attending a planning meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th at 1 pm at the River Forest Library at 735 Lathrop, River Forest.  Parents, preschools, PTOs, community members – your input and participation are needed.  For more information contact:  Ellen Cutter 708-366-5205 x312 ellen.cutter@riverforestlibrary.org 

Allow yourself the opportunity to experience screen-free living and see the difference in your day-to-day life.  For more information visit:  http://tvtuneoutweek.wordpress.com/

WHAT:  Tune Out TV & Tune In to Community – Reduce TV use & choose from lots of screen-free activities in the community, including a tri-village “Book Hunt.”

WHO:  Sponsored by Collaboration for Early Childhood Care and Education, River Forest & Forest Park Libraries, RF, FP and OP elementary school librarians, park districts, parents, community members & PTOs

WHEN: April 3-17

WHERE: River Forest, Forest Park and Oak Park

WHY: TVTO encourages making thoughtful, conscious choices about how we spend our time and connect to/create community.

HOW: The format is designed so that individuals and groups can download and print whatever components work for them from the TVTO blog http://tvtuneoutweek.wordpress.com/

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