Todays’s green find hails from sunny Holland, but you don’t have to travel further than downtown Oak Park to acquire it.

I openly admit to loving books. And while it’s the content that usually draws me in, I find myself engrossed for the first time ever by a book without ever having read a page.

The book I am referencing is actually part of a charming necklace found at Gem Jewelry Boutique (108 N. Marion Street in Oak Park). Margaux Kent, an artist from Philadelphia, uses vintage leather from antique furniture, boots, shoes and bags collected from across the country and abroad to craft tiny volumes that hang from delicate silver or copper chains.

The artist hand binds these amazing little books with thick, hand-torn drawing paper encased in recycled leather. Kent scours for unexpected items during her travels near and far, including Holland. A stuffy mid-century sofa now has dash as a tiny volume, perfect for the bibliophile or anyone who loves unusual and original jewelry.

I didn’t have to skip to the end to find out how this shopping journey would conclude. I know this perfect find equates to a perfect ending.

Visit to view more unique, handmade jewelry or visit Gem at 108 N. Marion St.

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