If only we had eliminated those scrappy Packers, I wouldn’t need so much Tums this week. Perhaps my worrying has a reverse effect — seems the last blog entry can attest.  

Jay Cutler made some nice passes against the Seahawks and he also made some odd decisions, as did Mike Martz. Why was Matt Forte throwing the ball?

Charles Tillman will have to do the same thing he did against Seattle if the Bears have any chance of stopping Aaron Rodgers.

Still trying to get my head around the fact that if the Bears beat their arch-rival Green Bay at Soldier Field on Sunday, they are headed back to the Super Bowl. I just hope they aren’t looking ahead as well. 

Did anyone see the lame television tribute to the ’85 Bears on Saturday afternoon hosted by Mike Adamle? Jim McMahon was wearing a poka-dot sport coat and drinking a beer on stage. While it was quite an accomplishment, and they were a top-notch team, former players have been trying to relive those glory days for about 10 years now. That team should have been a dynasty.

By the way, I will not worry beyond Green Bay. If the Bears beat Green Bay, they win the Super Bowl — thanks to the Jets knocking off New England.

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Brad Spencer

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