It’s early in the season, I know, but the winter doldrums have gripped me something terrible and I can’t seem to break free. I’m not always this snarky, pessimistic, ominous or flippant. It takes cold weather, lots of snow, gray skies, tight pants and a nasty ingrown toenail to make me feel this way.

So, here I am to tell you: I’ve got a bad feeling about the Bears-Seahawks game on Sunday.

I texted my pals after Seattle upset New Orleans last weekend and informed them of my worries. Pete Carroll, he’s so damn smug. He can march a team into Soldier Field and make them look like the greatest college football team to walk the face of the earth. Several times this season, the Bears have played like a college football team. The offensive line could maybe hold off Drake, who by the way will play the first football game in Africa when they take on a Mexican All-Star team in the 2011 Kilimanjaro Bowl in May – but that’s not important. What is important is that this Sunday’s game has the perfect trimmings for an upset.  

The Bears were six games into the season when they lost 23-20 to Seattle at Soldier Field. Jay Cutler was sacked half a dozen times in that game.  

I wanted the Eagles, who the Bears had beaten 31-26 in late November. Michael Vick gets jittery in the playoffs, he proved that against Green Bay. Yes, I texted my pals and told them of my concerns.

This is what I got back:

Don’t worry, all will be fine. Seattle stinks.

You’re going to jinx it!

Have faith!

They lost 9 games this season you buffoon. We’ll be fine.

Stop texting me, I don’t even know who you are.

What is even more frightening is that Jay Cutler told the media this week that he and the team are treating this like just another football game. Which football game, the embarrassing 36-7 snow blizzard loss to New England at Soldier Field?  

All I’m saying is don’t let Seattle’s 8-9 record fool you. This is the NFL and it’s the playoffs. Anything can happen, and it already has (Seattle made it to the second round).   

With this in mind, I think Mike Martz will play it cool, let the defense make the big plays.

But my winter-induced dread has me thinking the worst. To snap out of it, I need a Bears victory and not a Bears letdown.

I have to go, my toenail is flaring up.   

P.S. My trip down memory lane regarding my columns in the print edition from over the last 10 years has been an awakening experience. It’s been good. It’s been a long time. After a few weeks off from writing the weekly column, I’m ready to get back at it.  

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting a new column (mom), they will begin running again Feb. 2.

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