Jim Blaha, Broker and Owner of newly opened JFB Buyer's Realty, is a 20 year veteran of the real estate industry.

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JFB Buyer’s Realty, 1110 North Blvd., is a new local real estate company that only represents buyers. The concept, Exclusive Buyer’s Agency, seems like quite a risk in an industry that preaches to its newcomers “you have to list to last”. However, Broker and Owner Jim Blaha is a 20 year real estate veteran and he thinks otherwise.

“The way the industry is structured, I believe a Realtor that is 100% dedicated to buyers, with no listings, is in the best position to advise a buyer.” Jim has a history of reading the trends in real estate. In fact, he was instrumental in changing the way the real estate industry operates when he introduced the concept of Buyer’s Agency to the Midwest in 1991.

“In 1991, it was worse, buyers actually had no representation. When I started representing buyers as a Buyer’s Agent, traditional Realtors were concerned. They were comfortable with the status quo and I was changing the business as they knew it. Within a few years the concept was accepted and is now the norm.”

Jim believes the time has arrived once again to raise the bar for buyers. The concept is simple. An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent has no listings and works in an office with no listings. This means there is no conflict. Realtors with listings have a strong financial incentive to sell their listings or, in many cases, their office listings.

Jim puts it another way. “Many homes on the market are not good deals. They have problems or are overpriced. One of the most important roles of a Realtor is to use his or her experience to tell a buyer why not to buy a home. With staging and cosmetic touchups, many homes are fun and sexy at first blush. A good Realtor needs to help a buyer see through this make over and critically analyze a home. It is impossible to do this if it is your listing and it is also difficult to do if it is a listing from your office. Exclusive Buyer’s Agency brings independence and objectivity. With no listings, the buyer always comes first.”

Independence and objectivity are not the only advantages Jim provides his buyers. His financial background as an attorney and CPA, coupled with experience as a home builder and renovator gives him the ideal background for advising buyers at all stages of the buying process, especially during the critical analysis of a home, price negotiations, and financing. “I chose to focus on buyers because of my background. I know I can provide buyers with the service they need and deserve. Buying a home can and should be fun. I am fortunate to share this exciting experience with my buyers.”

What advice does Jim have for today’s buyers? “Browsing for homes online is fine, but before you start scheduling appointments to see homes, do some research and find an experienced local Realtor that will always put your interests first.”

More information about JFB Buyer’s Realty can be found at JFB-Buyers.com.

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