The pesticide ban on park district property put in place in April 1991, by the then newly elected majority CARE Party board, has contributed much to the health of our residents and our planet. Babies can crawl in the grass and put their fingers in their mouths without parents needing to fear severe gastrointestinal disease and nerve disorders. Dogs can frolic in the park and chew on grass without ingesting pesticides and dying. Rabbits can build burrows without their young dying hideous deaths breathing pesticide-laced soil. Worms can grow strong enough to aerate the soils. Birds can find worms that are pesticide free, guaranteeing that their egg shells will be strong. The rain runoff from Oak Park is no longer polluted with poisons, traveling via ground water and the Des Plaines River to the Illinois and Mississippi rivers and then to the Gulf of Mexico and oceans worldwide. Along its path, these poisons get into the human food chain by infecting trout, pike, perch, catfish, shrimp and the water fowl that drink that water and eat those fish.

The two park commissioners slated and elected by me as CARE Party president joined with Mr. Oak Park, Bud Corry, to effect this ban. I can still see the pained face of buildings and grounds head Michael Grandy, chagrined at the progressiveness of that board. It is, unfortunately, no surprise that Jessica Bullock and her pals on the current park board are agreeing to the new policy of Gary Balling and Michael Grandy to begin poisoning our parks and our planet anew. Their attitude toward trees and wildlife in the last 10 years has shown their cavalier attitude toward our planet as an abode of life.

Make no mistake. This is just the first step in a return to pesticides throughout the park district. The health of your babies, your pets, the wildlife and to a smaller extent your planet hang in the balance. Let the park commissioners know of your concern and then vote in April to elect as park commissioners those opposed, unlike the insiders like Ms. Bullock, to the renewed use of pesticides in any form and in any amount. It’s poison, folks.

Les Golden
Oak Park

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