It’s only January 10th and who has a resolution? One of my many New Year’s resolutions is to help the Village of Oak Park earn more money. How can this happen? Easy! Tickets – lots of tickets. Tickets for those who don’t stop for a pedestrian in a walkway!

If I had a dollar for every car that has whizzed by me while I stood in the crosswalk, I’d have thousands of dollars. The intersection at Lake and Lombard is a great ‘sting’ operation site – or try crossing Lake and Taylor (leaving Stevenson Park). A local preschool has invested in stop signs so that children can safely cross. However, the biggest money making locations are any crosswalk on Ridgeland Avenue. I can’t believe that cars won’t stop for students, strollers, bikers, grandmas and even Santa!

I grew up in the pedestrian friendly capital of the world Berkeley, California, where pedestrians rule! It felt like a red carpet rolled out upon your approach to any intersection. Why can’t we educate drivers, make money, and have a great place to live? I know that the Oak Park Police have a set of ‘stings’ in downtown Oak Park and The Avenue shopping districts to ticket those who do not yield to pedestrians. Can we spread this around a little? How about Harrison St., Chicago Ave., up and down Ridgeland, Oak Park Avenue?

I’d prefer tickets for those drivers who are not yielding for pedestrians rather than parking tickets for not moving my car within 120 minutes.

We Oak Parkers are clever. Let’s hear your big and little ideas about how The Village of Oak Park can earn money. Just imagine the possibilities! What if this blog were “the little blog that could… make a big difference in the world?

Happy New Year!

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