There appears to be an epidemic of cancer illness in the U.S. that is much like the flu epidemic that followed World War I. There may be a variety of causes for the current epidemic. The extreme emphasis on materialism in our American way of life may be an important factor in the high incidence of suffering patients living with cancer.

Our American citizens seem to be more concerned about how “things look” rather than the value of commodities for value as use. Material things made with chemicals that produce sickness—such as cigarettes, cars, gadgets, furniture in homes and lawn-keeping equipment—contain cancer-causing material.

Imagine the amount of chemicals that go into war-making equipment since World War II. Societies not so involved in war making are bound to be less affected by cancer-producing chemicals that have an effect on the current cancer epidemic in our country.

A third world war is not entirely impossible, since two world wars had their origin in the same century. The current U.S. cancer epidemic should be studied by scientists and sociologists in an effort to end the current course of high cancer in our U.S. population.

William Becic
Oak Park

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