Recently, while out and about town, I spotted a smart outfit in my favorite hue: slate gray. Abby Graefe is an Oak Park resident, and in addition to having a great sense of style, she is an avid traveler with a voracious appetite for adventure and a brilliant mind (Abby is an MSc candidate in Integrated Science and Technology /Sustainable Environmental Resource Management at James Madison University/University of Malta).

When I bumped into Abby while out in town, she had on a pair of skinny gray jeans and a textured striped slate gray and ivory cardigan with exterior stitching layered over a simple black tank. An über cool bag (a fabulous find from her travels to Australia) completed her look. Abby’s own jewelry garnered from her travels abroad added interest and sophistication.

Let’s find out why Abby only trusts her wardrobe to one boutique in town and which boutique that is!

Your fashion style: Sporty. Edgy. Classic.

Favorite fashion era: Hmmm…I don’t really have a favorite fashion era! But after living in Europe, I am inspired by it’s fashion trends and style!

Fashion inspiration: My fashion inspiration is Sanem, the owner of Sanem’s on Oak Park Ave. Before I knew her, I barely had a sense for fashion! She is such a confident woman with an eye for fashion like no one I have ever met. She can rock out any piece and her ability to accessorize is amazing! Luckily, she has passed some of that on to me! Because of her, I have more confidence and really know how to put an outfit together!

Favorite local boutiques: Sanem’s on Oak Park Ave! Almost all of my daily attire and work-attire is from Sanem’s!

Greatest fashion indulgence: Jewelry – especially earrings. That’s where I really like to make a big statement. I always wear the same rings and bracelets; I bought them while I was living in Europe, so they are a part of me. With earrings, I can really express my personality and my mood for that day. I like to buy most of my jewelry while I’m traveling because they are unique and they invoke great memories. 

Fashion advice: Don’t be afraid to try on something that you normally think you wouldn’t wear – it may surprise you and be that amazing piece that you are looking to add to your wardrobe! And if it doesn’t fit just right, tailor it! You’ll get the fit you want, without the frustration of continuing to find the piece that “fits just right” – those pieces are rare for any woman. 

Stop back next Friday for more fashion inspiration from friends and neighbors at the Shopping and Fashion Blog. I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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