Most of us stumble into parenthood without the foggiest notion as to what it takes to raise a child.  Trying our best, we make stabs and jabs at parenting sometimes hitting it big and other times going down in flames.  Who knew that the opportunities to teach and learn would be so bountiful?!

When I was new to the motherhood scene, one of my biggest surprises was realizing how much of my job was really that of a teacher.  Imagine!  Here I was a teacher to two beautiful children with no degree from a prominent teacher’s college, no background in early childhood development, no skill sets with teenagers and their issues, and I even disliked babysitting as a kid!  For better or worse, I was “life professor” to my son and daughter – and my main method of instruction?  Gulp!!! Role-modeling.

The problem with role modeling is you can’t sit back and rely on “Do as I say not as I do.”  Your child really knows that the truth doesn’t lie in the sage aphorisms springing forth from your lips, but rather your true teachings come from your unconscious, (and often times) contradictory actions.  So, how can you be a great teacher if your actions don’t match your words?

Become a student of yourself by recognizing that what you do is what you teach!

Changing your own conduct to reflect your wisdom, finding loving, kind ways to interact with your child,  living with integrity and following through on what you value will transform you into the parent you’ve always hoped to be. 

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Melissa Ford

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