Anjelica Hannicke and Katie Studer with Dr. Harriet Schlesinger Annis.

In reply to the Dec. 29 Viewpoint from Cathy Rennau [Important person missed in Skype wedding story, Viewpoints, Dec. 29], regarding the recent story, “Attending a wedding 2,000 miles away…from Oak Park,” I would like comment the following:

Our apologies to our readers for having failed to have mentioned the wonderful teachers. Anjelica Hannicke and Katie Studer, students at OPRF, have been most helpful guides to us old folks in this amazing world of the computer.

The experience was fantastic. I am grateful to have had them assist me in learning Skype. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in an arm chair in the Oak Park Arms and meeting and greeting—not only my son, his bride and the best man—my daughter, granddaughter and all of our family and friends who were at the wedding in California.

We partied here at the Arms, Anjelica brought some bubbly grape juice, and I provided the nuts, cheese and crackers. A good time was had by all.

I expect to be given continued help from Anjelica and Kate; they are to be coming next Monday. I look forward to their expert help.

Dr. Harriet Schlesinger Annis
Oak Park

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