Upgrade: Poles that appear to be support jacks can be seen on the third level of the Holley Court garage.J. GEIL/Staff Photographer

Visitors to downtown Oak Park may have noticed some unusual-looking methods being used to mend a public parking garage.

Over at the Holley Court Garage, near Harlem and Lake, a number of brightly colored beams have shown up, reinforcing levels of the structure. And at certain points of interest, gobs of duct tape can be spotted patching cracks.

Back in September, the village started noticing cracks in the garage on the upper floors of the west wing, according to Cara Pavlicek, interim parking manager for the Village of Oak Park. So the village hired a consultant last year to start pulling apart the concrete to investigate how severe the problems might be in the 1,200-space garage. That contract was approved by the village board in November at a cost of $38,400, after the initial estimated cost proved to be much higher than $13,400.

Pavlicek expects to get results back from that assessment by the end of this week. In the meantime, about 60 spaces in the garage have been shut down to make way for the evaluation, according to village documents.

Oak Park first built the garage in 1984, and it has since been expanded several times to the current incarnation of 1,200 spaces, according to Village Engineer Jim Budrick.

Pavlicek emphasized that the issues at Holley Court shouldn’t raise any safety concerns for visitors to downtown Oak Park.

“To me, the garage is absolutely safe for utilization, and concurrent with that utilization, we have maintenance that needs to be done,” Pavlicek said.

This article has be updated to correct the date Holley Court garage was constructed.

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