You’re not your child’s friend! 

How many times have you heard that phrase?  I have to admit that when I hear it, I feel irritated.  I don’t necessarily want to be my child’s friend, but I do want her to like me, love me, to what to spend time with me, and most importantly, to think I’m the greatest parent of all!  Who doesn’t?   

However, like most things in life, the way to achieving respect, love and appreciation is paradoxical. If you believe pleasing your child will deliver that unconditional love you deeply desire, think again.  There’s no end to pleasing and your child will neither like you nor respect you if you try to win her love.  

If you choose “loving” your child rather than  “pleasing” her, you’ll be able to do the hard work of parenting such as setting limits, motivating your child, and sharing your unpopular opinions.  When you parent from this powerful place of love, then and only then will your child respect you, love you, like you, and think you are the greatest parent of all!

Here’s to loving your child in 2011!

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