What does it take to put a spring in your step and a smile on your lips when you’re a parent?  Watching your children getting along together, or your daughter making a new friend, or your son learning to ride his two wheeler?  Yep, those definitely are times that make parenting rewarding, but I was recently reminded of something else that can really brighten your day and it’s simpler than pulling off the miracle of getting your kids to get along.  Try putting yourself first.     

The other day, I was making my way towards the River Forest Starbucks to purchase a yummy venti something or other, when I saw a woman leave the store with her own favorite drink.  She caught my attention because she had that “spring in her step and a smile on her lips!”  In fact, she was so high-spirited, I chuckled and shouted out:  “Isn’t it fun to treat yourself to a special drink?”  Giggling, she responded:  “Oh, the drink is wonderful, but I don’t have my kids today!  They’re home!”  She raised her cup and flashed me a big smile as she bounced towards her car.    

Make time for yourself without your children whether you’re a stay-at-home mom/dad or work inside/outside the home!  If you feel it might be selfish, consider this:  happy parents are more effective parents and kids truly want joyful parents!  Try putting yourself first!    

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