South Marion will look more like the street north of the el tracks after its redo.

Oak Parkers may want go get out their walking shoes in 2011, because a number of high-profile street repavings will likely make it difficult to drive around the village.

Officials are planning pricey construction projects next year along Roosevelt, Madison and on Marion, just south of the CTA Green Line. These would be more than just a new layer of asphalt as they’ll include fancy planters, decorative streetlights, bike racks and even a possible walled-off bike lane along Madison.

Both the Madison and Marion projects are being put together in a hurry, with the village hoping to get them done before the TIF fund expires.

The village hopes to capture some of the same magic as the restreeting project on the 100 block of North Marion.

The 2007 redo of the former pedestrian mall has been a boon, as Marion has seen retailers flocking to fill vacant storefronts.

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