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While 2010 will soon be in the books, some of its biggest stories will continue to play out in 2011 and beyond. Some questions left behind may never be answered.

Will the person who murdered 41-year-old Oak Parker Pedro Gurrola Jr. ever be brought to justice? Will a 20-story hotel and condo tower planned for downtown Oak Park ever be built? Can Oak Park Village Hall and the local high school ever smooth over their soured relationship?

This year saw several notable leaders step down, and it will take Oak Parkers and River Foresters some time to see whether their replacements pay dividends. Can Albert Roberts navigate District 97 through the referendum to more settled financial waters? Will Eric Palm change the culture at River Forest Village Hall? Can Jack Cleary stop West Suburban Medical Center from hemorrhaging millions every year?

We’ll see if 2011 can answer this year’s questions.

Top Oak Park stories
It was a year rife with controversy, with more questions than answers or resolutions. Many of the year’s top stories will likely continue to play out in 2011 — and the years to come.

Top River Forest stories
In front of and behind closed doors, much of the River Forest village board’s attention this year was devoted to the biggest economic development in town in years: a new proposal for the southwest corner of Lake and Lathrop.

A year of weird crimes in Oak Park and River Forest
A lot of strange commissions cross Wednesday Journal’s crime desk. Many of the perpetrations we report are ugly and damaging, but some are just plain weird. In case you missed them, here’s our list of the most interesting odd crimes of 2010.

Oak Park and River Forest oddball stories from 2010
Readers of Wednesday Journal expect the offbeat from this eccentric community, and 2010 did not disappoint.

Top 10 Oak Park and River Forest sports stories of 2010
Achievements, decisions, and even hard-fought losses made the Top 10 sports stories of 2010 this year. Story interest from readers ranged from team accomplishments to individual triumphs, along with one coach’s decision to step down.

They will all be missed
So many left us in 2010, too many to list. Here is a small selection of those who had an impact and will be missed.

Top education stories
2010 wraps up one of the busiest years for school districts in memory for Oak Park and River Forest. Superintendents in Oak Park came and went, along with a slew of teachers and administrators often owing to retirements.

2010: The year in Oak Park and River Forest photos

Top 10 Shrubtowns of 2010

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