The holidays are a time for family and friends, fruitcakes and fun, a time to be grateful for all blessings big and small. Seeing parents out and about with their children while holiday shopping is something I find heartwarming. I consider children the greatest blessings of all, and the things they say and do on a daily basis are often insightful, funny, and oh so honest – they fill my cup to the brim with love.

Heard while shopping at La Maison Bon Bon in Forest Park (7353 Madison Street) between father and six-year-old daughter choosing a sweet confection for mom (not present):

Father: “Mommy will like chocolate. But not too much because it will make her teeth fall out.”

Daughter: “Yes, that is true. Having teeth is just easier.” 

(Photos) Richard Nickel, American photographer and historian, known for his images of architect Louis Sullivan’s buildings, also captured moments of everyday life: mother and child shopping at Marshall Fields Chicago circa 1960. Find photo books showcasing Richard Nickel’s work at The Book Table in Oak Park (1045 Lake Street). 

See photo gallery for Oak Park cutie at Eastgate Cafe on Harrison Street. Great gift shop, savory food, and lovely young lady clad in holiday gear all in one place makes for a jolly time indeed!

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