In my effort to live as green a lifestyle as possible, I have made certain decisions over the years. I try to purchase organic produce and organic cotton whenever possible. I seek out earth-friendly cleaning supplies. I’m a fiend when it comes to recycling. I turn the faucet off while brushing my teeth. And, beware, I do unplug. 

At the age of fourteen I decided to become a vegetarian. In 2008 I stopped driving. And I haven’t owned a television since the year 2004.

When I first made the decision not to own a television, friends and family would come over to my apartment and after a while, ask, “Where’s your television?” I would inform them, “I don’t have one. I choose not to.”

Maybe the shock of my former statement created an inability to register the latter statement. Inevitably, an aunt, an uncle, a friend, a friend of a friend all showed up with televisions to donate to a cause that did not exist. “No thanks,” I’d say. But, they would leave it “just in case.”

Soon I had amassed a large collection of televisions, as well-meaning visitors gifted me with one TV after another. It was hard for others to fathom a life without one. All went into my storage, and eventually all were donated.

Since then, everyone has had ample time to digest this decision. The students I worked with for years understood that if they wanted to chat with me about a show they enjoyed watching, they’d have to use their words to paint me a visual. It was a great way to improve their comprehension skills and their complex reasoning skills. “The character is kinda slow,” one student once shared about a character from his favorite sitcom. “What does that mean?” I asked confused. Searching for a non-television reference to edify me, he offered, “You know, picture Lenny from ‘Of Mice and Men.’”

But here’s the truth. Once or twice a year I really wish I had a TV. I love fashion, so it serves to reason that I love those award shows. You know the ones: the red carpets, all those dresses, all that glitz: I can’t get enough! I’m green with envy at those who can sit back in the comfort of their homes and watch Gwyneth, Reese, and Penelope shine in sensational designs. It’s the Super Bowl of fashion!

And then there are other reasons. For example, four of our neighborhood shops have recently been featured on different TV news shows and I would like to be able to watch. I still don’t want to own a television, but I’d love to be able to see these fun broadcasts.

Congratulations to our neighborhood retailers for making it to the silver screen! 

Here, I share with you the clips of some fun television premiers of our local shops. 

Sanem’s, of Oak Park, was featured on WGN’s Around Town:

Baubo’s Garden, of Forest Park, was featured on WCIU’s Fashioin Express:

Geppetto’s Toy Box, of Oak Park, was featured on ABC’s 190 North:§ion=

Muse, of Oak Park, was featured on NBC’s NonStop Chicago (Comcast 252).

(Link to follow.)

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