“I’m doing my crummy best,” my mother used to comment on her parenting skills when my sister and I would point out her numerous flaws. Become a parent and you’ll understand how hard the job can be. Sure, we wish we could take back our anger, mean words, or disappointment, however, the bottom line is that we are doing our very best as we parent. We just get “caught up” in being human.

We are imperfect. “SO WHAT!” It’s okay and I sincerely mean that. Spend a morning, and if you dare, an entire day, only paying attention to the evidence that supports what an amazing parent you truly are. Stop looking at what you did wrong, the times you felt irritated with your child, or how often you’ve fantasized about living on a secluded tropical island. . . alone!

Switch gears. Discover what makes you the exceptional parent you are. Catch yourself making your child’s special brown bag lunch, hugging your son and telling him. “I’m so glad I’m your mom,” or leaving your daughter’s room a mess because you love her enough to let her pick it up.  

Notice all you do, everyday, and discover what a wonderful gift you are to your child. You will feel proud, energized, and in awe of YOU.

Catch yourself!

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Melissa Ford

As a coach and OakPark.com blogger, it's my intention to support people to step into a bigger, more powerful version of themselves whether it's in their personal or professional life. LIfe is about living,...