“I fell in love with snow the minute I started snowboarding,” says Kevin and George, teens on the South Side.  Many of you may not agree with that sentiment, but these two teens from the South Side know the secrets of great snow-making:  temperatures in the lower teens, which require these kids to stay up throughout the night, transforming front yards into a winter wonderlands.  

Enjoy the video and remember, if you want more snow than Mother Nature can provide, George and Kevin (for a few bucks) will come to your home and work their magic. Check out their website at

PS  Thanks again Pam for this heartwarming, fun, bring-a-smile-to-your-face story!

PPS Posted on Pam Grimes’ Facebook page: “These guys (Kevin and George) are a hoot! George tells me everyone at school saw the story and they got a standing ovation at lunch the day after! That’s what story telling is all about!

PPPS  I agree.  Here’s to storytelling and the ingenuity of two teens!

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