Maybe a little late to respond to this, but I just read Ms. Maychruk’s note about the “good” Halloween candy in Wednesday Journal, and I wanted to give some input [Who gets the ‘good’ candy? Viewpoints, Nov. 10].

While I was not aware of this “policy” about the different candy that ought to be given out, we live on the last block of River Forest, and every year we watch hordes of children who descend obviously from the neighboring suburbs and head into River Forest to trick-or-treat.

The vast majority of them don’t even bother to stop at our house, which puzzled me in the beginning since we were prepared to treat them, or so we thought.

Then I realized they all did not want to waste time with us and were in a hurry to get to the big mansions in central River Forest who give out the real-size candy and other expensive goodies.

I must admit that my children, when they were of trick-or-treating age, did the same.

This is something that has been propagated by wealthy people who want to show off, and here is the backlash.

Food for thought?

Rada Ivanov
River Forest

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