If you notice a lot more blue recycling bins popping up in buildings around town, you have a soda pop company to thank.

The Village of Oak Park announced last week that it will be receiving 260 recycling bins this January, as part of PepsiCo’s Dream Machine recycling initiative. Under the program, the soft-drink maker hopes to increase the recycling of beverage containers in the U.S. from 34 percent to 50 percent by 2018, according to the village.

Forty of the bins will be available to borrow for public events, while the other 220 will be doled out to public buildings such as the libraries and schools, said Karen Rozmus, solid waste coordinator for Oak Park.

“We should have plenty to go around,” she said.

People interested in using the bins must fill out a form, and report to the village each month to say how many times the bins were filled. Rozmus will then report those numbers back to Pepsi.

Garbage hauler, Waste Management, will filter any recycling revenues back to Pepsi, which will invest the money back into the program, Rozmus said.

Yes, most schools and churches already have recycling bins, but the village and Pepsi hope the initiative will provide excess capacity, so residents aren’t forced to throw that bottle into the trash when the recycling bin runneth over.

“Hopefully, this would just give them additional capacity inside their buildings, so they don’t have to go out and buy containers,” Rozmus said.

The Dream Machine effort was lobbied for in the village by the Oak Park affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, a national nonprofit that works to stop litter, reduce waste and beautify the environment. For more on the initiative, go to Facebook.com/DreamMachine.

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