The Momtrepreneur Exchange, a real live (I’m tired of virtual) meetup group for women with ‘business” on their minds, is the brainchild (no pun intended) of Jill Salzman.  It all started when Jill wanted to get together with entrepreneurs, who were also moms, for a cup of coffee and discuss how to support each other in business.  Today?  There are over 200 Oak Park Exchange members and over 1,300 members in 27 cities including Brisbane, Australia.  Clearly, Jill is filling a need.  

When I interviewed her, (I like to pretend I’m a techie so she humored me and we skyped.) I asked her what role she saw Momtrepreneurs fulfilling.  Jill paused to think, while holding her 11-month-old,  “My main purpose was education.  I wanted women to come and learn about accounting and not be scared to do it, marketing and not feel inundated.”  But, Jill knows these meetup groups offer more than education.  There’s a little something for everyone:

  • Networking – Meet tons of interesting, bright women and Jill encourages moms to “bring their noisemakers” i.e., babies, tots, and kids.
  • Education – Learn from a variety of experts and each other on all things business.
  • Support – Engage with other Momtrepreneurs, discussing business development, life-work balance, and cutting-edge topics for techies like me such as Twitter and Facebook.  
  • Escape – Talk to other mommies and get out of the house!  
  • Business Opportunities – You might even discover your ideal business venture.  

Visit: and discover the rich resources Jill offers to help you grow your business:  sharing tips, receiving expert advice, and creating relationships.  See you at the next Oak Park Momtrepreneur Exchange on Wednesday, January 4, 2011 at 10 am at Lido’s Cafe.  Oh, and bring your noisemakers!

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